Free traffic exchange for your blog or website

Site Rules

No "Bots" Or Automated Surfing Tools

TrafficSurf is a manual traffic exchange. Members must view one another's sites to earn credits, which then enables their own sites to be displayed. Using automated methods to avoid surfing cheats your fellow members out of legitimate page views, and erodes the value of the site. Therefore, members caught using these techniques will have their accounts terminated and credits deleted. You must participate in TrafficSurf using a regular web browser — automated shortcuts will not be tolerated.

No Sites That "Break Frames"

Surfers must remain within TrafficSurf to earn credits. Therefore, sites that break out of the TrafficSurf frame and take up the full screen are not allowed and will be suspended until they are changed. Tip: If your site needs to be on top, consider making a separate "landing page" and displaying that on TrafficSurf rather than your home page.

No Illegal Or Offensive Content

Members may not display sites that are intended to harrass others. Further, ads cannot be used to promote illegal activity. No child porn (under 18), bestiality, or anything that depicts non-consensual sex acts. Ads found to be in violation of these rules will be removed.

No Referring Fake Users For Free Credits

If we see obvious fraud with regard to referrals, your accounts are subject to deletion with no refund of any kind.