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How To Develop New Content Quickly

Ideally you will have relevant content for your site as soon as you launch, but sometimes you need to get the ball rolling before the site is complete. What can one do to build some content quickly to attract search engines, while working on the real content?

** Warning: Don't Copy & Paste **

You need unique content, so don't copy something from someone else's site. Major search engines now have the power to quickly sniff out duplicate content and will penalize you.

Idea 1: Re-Write News Articles

One simple method is to find a news article relevant to your site's theme and rewrite it. Then it will be in your words, unique, but relatively effortless on your part.

Idea 2: Describe YouTube Videos

Technique #2 is to simply watch a video and describe what happens in it, in as much detail as you can. This will again produce unique content with little effort.

Idea 3: Translate Twice

The final tip is to simply take some content, translate it into another language using a free online translation service, and then translate it a second time back into English. The resultant text will be readable (barely), but will be sufficiently different from the original to be unique. Works best if you use a non-European language, as the free translation services do a poor job of handling these, thereby unwittingly improving the effect.