Free traffic exchange for your blog or website

How It Works

It's simple: You look at other people's blogs & sites, and then they look at yours.

Does It Work?

Yes, actually, it does!

What Is A Traffic Exchange?

A traffic exchange is a means to quickly generate traffic for a new site. TrafficSurf sends members to one another's sites, building large amounts of traffic for you for free in a short amount of time.

The Credit System

When you "surf" other sites through TrafficSurf, you are awarded credits. These credits can be used to display your own sites on the TrafficSurf network. The more you surf, the more your own sites are displayed.

Using TrafficSurf Effectively

The key to using traffic exchanges effectively is understanding that the person will only be viewing your site for 10 - 20 seconds. Rather than sending the person to your regular home page, you should be sending them to a specific "landing page" or advertisement designed for traffic exchanges. Use this advertisement to create curiosity about your site. The most effective are squeeze pages or splash pages, which have a simple headline, description, and an opt-in form to receive future emails. Then the surfer can easily type their email address in and receive more information about your product or services at a later time. A main goal of using traffic exchanges should be to build your personal list of business prospects for now and future endeavors.

So How Do I Start?

After you sign up, surf a few times to get some credits. Then you can create an ad to show your own website or blog on the TrafficSurf network.