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Guerrilla Traffic Tips:   Complain About Yourself On Craigslist

Perhaps you are aware of the "Rants & Raves" section of Craigslist. Can it be utilized to develop interest and build traffic? Yes!

Complaints Are Believable

If you praise your site or business, everyone will know it's a shill. But complaints add a layer of authenticity, and everyone will want to know what the fuss is all about.

What Do I Complain About?

Don't make it a vicious complaint. But just review your own site and see what can be improved — that's a start. Perhaps there's a section that needs some more work?
  • "Site X had some of the features I need, but not all of them. Can anyone recommend a better site?"
  • "The images are obviously out of date."
  • "It was a little difficult to sign up."
People may bring up a flaw that you didn't know about. And you may also be able to use this technique to get insight into your competition.

Learn The Truth About What People Think

Sometimes people will defend your company against your fake complaint, which is hilarious. But they may give you insight into what they really think in follow-up posts. Listen! It's free advice.

Be Sure To Include A Link To Your Site

Provide your URL as "proof". Even better, make it a link to a specific page. You could add a brief intro such as: "See what I mean??"