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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TrafficSurf?

TrafficSurf is an easy-to-use link exchange and traffic exchange – a free method of sending visitors to one another's sites. It is a quick way to gain new readership for your blog, leads for your list, and new members for your website.

How much traffic can I expect?

You should get 50 - 100 unique visitors a day, or more if you have multiple ads, depending on available credits.

What can I do to increase my traffic?

You can try changing the categories under which your ad appears. You can also have multiple ads.

From where does the traffic come?

Many of your visitors will be other surfers such as yourself. We also bring in additional traffic from outside the site.

Traffic exchanges seem kinda sketchy or "black hat". Are you?

No. It's a simple link exchange. How is it sketchy?

Is TrafficSurf a "link farm"?

No, TrafficSurf does not create a directory of permanent links to your site. You will not be penalized by search engines for using TrafficSurf. Even if a search engine happens to scan the Surf page when your site is being shown, your search ranking will be protected by our use of meta exclusion tags and the rel="nofollow" HTML link attribute.

Will TrafficSurf help my SEO?

The purpose of a traffic exchange is to get you a rapid volley of hits. TrafficSurf does this well and for free. TrafficSurf will neither help nor hurt your standing with the major search engines.

Will TrafficSurf increase my "bounce rate"?

Naturally, several people that preview your site will move on. However, since they will not be returning to a search engine's results page, the term "bounce rate" does not apply.

Why shouldn't I just use Pay-Per-Click services like AdWords?

PPC services such as AdWords are great for providing targeted traffic. Do go ahead and use them as much as you need. However, be aware that such programs quickly become expensive, especially for new sites on a budget, as they regularly jack up the price for each keyword. Further, after a while much of your advertising budget will be consumed by existing customers / members using your paid links as shortcuts to your site. And then, one has to contend with "click fraud" — site owners on the "search network" clicking your links to increase their own revenue. Also worth mentioning are the people that will click maliciously on your ads for the sole purpose of draining your budget, just to be dicks.

TrafficSurf is free, and you don't have to wait to be "approved" — often an arbitrary decision made by a minimum wage worker located around the world.

So how do I start?

Sign up, and then surf a few times to get some credits. Then you can create an ad to show your own website or blog on the TrafficSurf network.